Zucker Reichert, Mickey – The children of wrath


Book three of the acclaimed, bestselling epic fantasy Renshai Chronicles–discover the intricate Renshai universe, infused with Norse mythology, tangled intrigue, and cataclysmic magical battles.

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The mortal kingdoms are caught up in a shared catastrophe, cursed with sterility by the magic of the dark elves. Still, what elves have caused they may perhaps put right.

Humanity’s last hope hinges on a magical talisman–the Pica Stone. One of only nine solid objects ever created by magic, the Pica Stone was shattered in the days of the last Wizards. But when Captain, oldest of the elves, joins with his fellow light elves to work a spell to draw together all the scattered pieces of this legendary gem, eight shards remain missing, lost on worlds throughout the planes of existence.

The elves spell-shift a party of questers to each of these worlds to find the shards. Among the chosen are the Renshai warrior Kevral, her husband Ra-khir the knight, and Tae, a newly made prince and former thief. Each world offers unique challenges, but with the extinction of the human race as the price of failure, there can be no turning back….

Titel: The children of wrath
Serie: The Rensai chronicles
Deel: 3
Schrijver: Mickey Zucker Reichert
Uitgever: Daw
ISBN: 0886777852
Taal: Engels
Staat: Goed

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