Pournelle, Jerry – Exiles to glory


From California’s welfare slums to the high vacuum of the Asteroid Belt!

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Kevin Senecal was nobody’s hero. All he wanted from life was a professional career, a strong union to protect him, and comfortable company-owned housing well away from his welfare slum origins. As a senior engineering student at UCLA, Kevin seemed on the verge of realizing his ambitions, when one night he was attacked by a murderous “youth gang” – and accidentally killed one of them while escaping.

That’s when it all changed: “You don’t kill juvies in this town,” the homicide detective told him. Suddenly Kevin Senecal was on the run, and on all of Earth there was no place to hide…

Titel: Exiles to glory
Schrijver: Jerry Pournelle
Uitgever: Ace
ISBN: 044122217x
Taal: Engels
Staat: Duidelijke leessporen op de rug, verder in goede staat

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