Hubbard, L. Ron – Buckskin Brigades


A powerful historical adventure novel that sweeps across the rugged Northwest.

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The journals of Lewis and Clark record that on July 27, 1806, a Blackfeet Indian chief was killed in an encounter with the now-famous expedition. In the same journal, a few pages earlier, is a reference to an unnamed white man who was living with the Blackfeet a few miles away. This is his story.

His name was Yellow Hair, and the killing sent him on a daring mission across the unmapped wilderness that was filled with violence, treachery, privation and death.

This edition of Buckskin brigades contains previously unknown and unpublished material from L. Ron Hubbard’s personal literary archives.

Titel: Buckskin brigades
Schrijver: L. Ron Hubbard
Uitgever: Bridge publications inc.
ISBN: 0884042804
Taal: Engels
Staat: Goed

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