Hambly, Barbara – Dark hand of magic


A new adventure for Sun Wolf and Star Hawk

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After his trials and tribulations with the Ladies of Mandrigyn and the Witches of Wenshar, Sun Wolf felt like a rest. But he wasn’t expecting to be taking that rest pegged out over a large and lethal ant-hill.

Meanwhile his mercenaries are in deep trouble, too. Having been hired by the King-Council of Kwest Malre to besiege the city of Vorsinge, they haven’t had much luck. In fact, they’ve had a lot of bad luck. Too much for it to be coincidence. Someone has put a curse on them. They need Sun Wolf’s help.

Sun Wolf had had enough of dealing with wizards and witches to last him a lifetime. But if it came to a choice between being eaten alive by ants and a battle of magic. Well…

Titel: Dark hand of magic
Schrijver: Barbara Hambly
Uitgever: Unwin paperbacks
ISBN: 0044406142
Taal: Engels
Staat: Goed

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