Farmer, Philip José – Flight to Opar


A savage battle for justice in a long-forgotten kingdom.

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Twelve thousand years ago… beside the shores of a great inland African sea, Hadon, son of ancient Opar, battled to reclaim his rightful inhertance – the throne of Opar.

In his second epic novel of Hadon and the past glories of Opar, the mighty empire which flourished where now the barren Sahara stands, Philip José Farmer brings vividly to life Hadon’s challenge for the crown of the empire. Hunted prey of a tyrant’s armies, accursed by the tyrant’s gods, Hadon is fighting for his very life…

Titel: Flight to Opar
Schrijver: Philip José Farmer
Uitgever: Merhuen
ISBN: 0417017707
Taal: Engels
Staat: Goed

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