A3R Roberts – Star warped


A Gollancz parody

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A long time ago (blah blah) a really quite good SF film, a sort of western in space, was launched. The special effects look pretty shoddy now but it did have some quite good actors in it. And Mark Hammill. A second and third film that were actually the fifth and sixth films followed and they weren’t quite so good but they were still quite fun (especially when the teddies got blasted by the Imperial stormtroopers). Then, the first, second and third films followed and they were (let’s be honest now) fairly dreadful though by now the special effects were much better.

A Gollancz parody was inevitable. And here it is.

An epic told in six chapters. An epic of good versus evil. Of dark versus light. Of hairy co-pilots and short green gurus. Of bizarre hair styles, brass bras and camp robots. An epic that starts in the middle. And that’s the original…

Titel: Star warped
Schrijver: A3R Roberts
Uitgever: Gollancz
ISBN: 0575076887
Taal: Engels
Staat: Goed

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